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Fishing Report - Updated Monday 20 October 2014. How to find us. Click HERE for Google Map

The Yellowfin tuna season is upon us. we did our first trip on Saturday 18 Oct. See report below.

Welcome to the web site of South Sea Fishing Safaris. As one of the longest operating deep sea and tuna fishing charter businesses in Cape Town and the Western Cape our success rate speaks for itself. Started in 1998, our reputation has been built on solid service and performance. Most of our clients come back for more and some use us to the exclusion of all other charter operators. We have added a local fishing report at the bottom of this page to give our overseas and upcountry visitors and idea of what is happening on the local scene. We'll tell it like it is, no frills, when it's good we'll tell you, and when it's bad, we'll tell you that too. Please have a look and e-mail your comments to us.

South Sea Fishing Safaris caters for local as well as visiting international anglers and spearfishermen. Join us on one of our customized craft, from the custom built 11 meter sportfishing cruiser to our 9 meter sportfisher and an 8.6 meter ski-boat suitable for smaller groups. Operating from Gordons Bay and Struisbaai, all boats are fully seaworthy and safety certified. We have self-catering or fully catered accommodation at both venues. The choice is yours.

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Our 9 meter catamaran, "Tyler", named after our trusty jack russel boat dog, is bigger and better than the old 8 meter cat, Le Boat. Tyler is a 9meter butt-cat powered by twin 200 hp Suzuki four strokes. She is extremely fast and very comfortable. During her maiden fishing tournament she took top honours with an 86kg yellowfin tuna caught by Gareth Beaumont. Lynx is a 11meter Gecat powered by Suzuki 250hp motors and she is, as always ready for her next trip to the deep. Below is a list of notable achievements over the last few years:

LYNX - 1st Prize, Gordons Bay Offshore Classic 2003, 2014 - 1st Marlin landed at Gordons Bay Feb 2004 (97kg Striped Marlin) - 1st Prize, Hout Bay Tuna Derby 2004 - Top Boat, Gordons Bay Offshore Classic 2005 - Top Boat, Gordons Bay Offshore Classic 2006 and numerous other achievemnts over the years.

TYLER - 1st Prize Gordons Bay Offshore Classic 2007 - 2nd Place, Two Oceans Marlin Tournament Struisbaai 2009. Last year (February) Tyler became the first boat to catch and release 10 marlin in a single month in Struisbaai at Cape Aghulas in 2012 and we did it again in Feb 2013 and in 2014. Our tally of marlin is now approaching 50fish.

If rock & surf or fly-fishing is your forte, allow us to take you to some of the best fishing spots around the coast and some of the most productive inland waters. We provide good quality tackle, and apart from specialist fly-fishing equipment, everything will be supplied. Fishing is to IGFA standards and records can be claimed.

On the underwater side of things, we offer blue-water hunting off Cape Point and reef diving trips up the Cape Coast. These trips can be arranged for any period of time. Have a look at our rates page for and idea of what is on offer. The South African record yellowfin tuna was broken many times by spearfishermen in the last couple of seasons and I have no doubt it will be broken again soon. Our biggest fish speared so far was a brute of 95kg with a number of fish in the 90's having been taken. Fish of between 80 and 90 have almost become a formality. If you could ever say spearing a yellowfin is a "formality". Incidentally, we managed to catch our 100+kg fish during the last season, 101.2kg to be exact. We once again had a number of fish in the 90 to 95kg class, but only one of over a 100. Our ladies spearfishing record yellowfin of 66kg also still stands. This is only 2kg short of the current ladies world record.

We will arrange all bookings, collect you at Cape Town International Airport, arrange transfers and/or car hire and ensure you are accompanied to our guest house/holiday apartment or any other accommodation you may choose.

Join us for a day, a week, or a month, we offer a truly memorable local fishing adventure.

We are situated in the Harbour at Gordons Bay. Our GPS co-ordinates are:

S34.09,869; E18.51,586

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Last tuna season is now but a memory, the coming season is upon us and we have been busy dusting off the winter cobwebs, servicing boats and are ready for the imminent arrival of the yellowfin tuna. we normally have the yellowfin arriving in our area in the first few week of October and are hopin this year will be no different. the water has warmed up quite well, the colour is still a bit green but this could change overnight. We will probably run our first trip within the next week, so watch this space.

If last season was anything to go by, we should be in for a good run of fish. Hopefully the big 90kg (200lb) plus fish will be around.

The time is also upon us for our annual migration to the warm blue waters of the Agulhas Banks. Last season was once again a winner for us and we released no less than 10 marlin for the month of Feb, and we did so again this year (Feb 2014). In 2012 we also released 10 marlin.

On Saturday we went out to have a "look and see". Upon arrival in the tuna grounds, the water was as we expected. A bit green and still on the chilly side at 17.4 deg C. we then headed further out and out beyond the 500m contour line we found reasonable water. After setting the trolling lines we setlled into a pattern. the reports on the radio were very quiet and signs were not great. Very few birds and just generally bot looking very "fishy". after about an hour fo trolling we had a strike on one of the trolled lures, then another, a few seconds later another and within a few more seconds we had a "full house". Unfortunately they were only longfins, but it was a start. We boated five decent sized fish whilst we managed to get the fish into the chumline, they did not stick around for long and quite soon we were back on the troll. A bit later we noticed a stern trawler noving toward us from the north and someone mentioned that they had seen a few yellowfin tuna behind it. we trolled toward it iand were within a 50 meters or so of the vessel when a big fish hit one of the lures.
"Yellowfin!" I thought as it ran off about 50 meters of line. Then the line went limp and the fish was gone. We hardly had time to be disappointed when the next fish hit one of the big lures. Once again I thought "yellowfin" and it was smiles all around as the client settled inot the fish. It was'nt long before we realized this was'nt just a yellowfin, it was a BIG yellowfin as the fish stripped 250 meters of topshot and then proceeded to strip another 300 meters or so of backing braid. In fact, it ran striaght down and I am sure it bumped it's head on the bottom about 500meters down before it stopped. After it turned, we inched the fish back up, not wanting to pull to hard due to the fact that it was on a lure with treble hooks. After an hour and ten minutes of to and fro, we sank the gaff into what proved to be a magnificent Big Eye tuna of 107.9kg.

Now thats what I call a good way to start the season. After landing the fish, the clients were ready for home and off we went. No fireworks for the day, but a great fish and enough actitivty to keep everyone happy. I reckon another week or two and things will really be on the go. Till then, watch this space.....................

108kg Big Eye Tuna caught 18 Oct 2014

Till next time, tight lines and good fishing. we hope to see you on the water.
Regards - The SSS team.

Last, but not least, we are sending out regular reports and fishing updates to our friends and customers, both in South Africa and internationally. If you would like me to add you to our mailing list, feel free to drop me an e-mail. Please come back and check our regular updates.


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